Public Spaces and Urbanity

In English, hardcover, 272 pages

How to design Humane Cities

In English, softcover, 272 pages

Humane byer

In Danish, softcover, 272 pages

Reviews in danish – pdf

The book will be published in Spanish in April 2019,
and afterwards in Chinese.

The book will be published in Russian in 2018,
and afterwards in Chinese.


In four short videos, Karsten Pålsson reviews and explains the 10 themes of urban transformation.

These video-lectures were created for the educational program "City projects" run by RANEPA's SPP's Department of Territorial Development supported by The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.

Video 1

Introduction to themes on Public Spaces and Urbanity
– How to design Humane Cities

Video 2

The video City for Humans describes the first three connected themes: Renewing Dense Urban Areas, Culling Dense Urban
Areas and Constructing Infill Buildings.

Video 3

The video Character of the City describes the themes: Transforming Urban Areas, Transforming Buildings and Reconstructing Urban Areas.

Video 4

The video Connectivity of the City describes the themes Establishing Linear City Space, Renewing Local Centers, Developing New Dense Urban Areas and Densification of Modernism´s Urban Areas.


Open Innovations Congress, Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, October 2017.
On the theme: City of the present, Transformation potential, Karsten Pålsson
spoke about Humane Parameters in Future Cities.

The National Union for Registered Land Surveyors, Annual Meeting,
Denmark, February 2016.
Karsten Pålsson spoke about Humane Cities of the Future.

Universidad de la Salle, Bogota, Columbia, May 2014.
Karsten Pålsson spoke at a conference on Humane Cities – 11 themes in improvement of the City.

Isthmus, School of Architecture and Design, Panama City, June 2013.
As a visiting professor Karsten Pålsson gave a lecture on Humane Cities for the School, and held a class on the topic Infill of Housing in Cacho Viejo, Panama City.

Danish Technical University, DTU, Copenhagen, annually since 2012.
Lecture on the Transformation of Buildings, and from 2018 10 Themes of Urban Transformation.


Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, 12 May, 2018.
Karsten Pålsson published an article on urban development in Copenhagen:
Københavns urbane slingrekurs - pdf

Building Design Magazine, London, England, November 2017.
Karsten Pålsson published an illustrated article: What Britain could learn from Europe about Public Spaces and Urbanism.
Article Building Design Magazine – pdf

Speech Magazine nr. 18, Moscow, Russia, August 2017. In Russian and English.
Karsten Pålsson wrote a column on What makes cities – cities for people?
Article Speech Magazine – pdf